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Program Ports offers innovative solutions for your Panel Interface Connector (PIC) needs paired with low prices. We manufacture a comparable product to: Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI), Daykin, GracePorts®, Hoffman, Mencom, McNaughton-McKay, Murr Elektronik, Qpic®, ZIPorts® and others.

As a family owned and operated company since 1988, Program Ports is committed to complete customer satisfaction: That’s why we offer:

Outstanding Quality

We manufacture our ports to the highest standards because we realize the important role they play in the efficiency of your operations.

Efficient Use of Space

Our patented port allows us to put more into a limited space for maximum efficiency and performance.

Low Cost

We maintain low overhead and pass those savings on to you…without sacrificing fast delivery or quality.

Complete Satisfaction

If there is ever a manufacturing defect in any of our programming ports it will be fixed as soon as possible, at no cost.

Innovative Solutions

We can provide customized solutions to your special requirements, whether in the U.S. or overseas 220v power outlets. Many of our solutions have led to ports that offer our:

  S2EN which allows for selection between 2 EtherNets
S2RS which allows for selection between 2 RS232
S2ML which allows for selection between 2 MicroLogix
FI5HDT offers a female 15 pin High Density with Terminal connections using the smallest foot print in the market.
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