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The following connection options to the unit are available:

T      – a terminal strip is mounted on the back of the unit for point to point Terminal connections.
(available for 9, 15, 15HD & 25 pin connectors only)

BH  – a pass thru bulk head style connector is used for easily connecting and disconnecting cables to and from unit.

XX  – Within the part number substitute the standard cable lengths of 3, 6, 10, or 20 (in feet). The end of this cable will have a connection that is the opposite sex from that of the specified connection.

Prefix and sufix options:

F   – indicates a Female connector under cover and a
male connector at end of cable.

M  – indicates a Male connector under cover and a
female connector at end of cable.

Note:     If same gender connector is required on both ends, specify gender type in front & behind desired pin size.
Example: M9M-BH (Male 9 pin to a Male Bulk Head connector)
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